We think that to make an excellent beer only the best raw materials should be chosen. The region rich with its brewing history has managed to preserve a know-how that allows us today to use almost exclusively the hops from Boeschepe (50 kms from our brewery), and barley and wheat coming from the Northern France. We are fully committed to work only with 100% natural ingredients, and some nice berries for our Rouge beer. No additives are welcome to our brewery! The time and craftsmanship are the keywords that allow us to propose you Lydéric beers.

The brewery

The Brasserie Lilloise is a craft brewery located in the heart of the Lille Metropolis (Northern France). Its story, above all, is about a great adventure. A passionate and emotional adventure. Ours has been inspired by faraway travels, by hearty diners with great beers to share among family or friends, by people who work in a harmony with the nature, by the moments and emotions engraved in the hearts. We sincerely believe that it is important to dream and live an unforgettable life… And to live this life we all need a great adventure! Ours is the Brasserie Lilloise.

our beers

All our beers are packaged in 33CL and 75CL, as well as in disposable barrels Dolium 20L, flat head "A".

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24 avenue de l'europe - 59223 Roncq - FRANCE
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